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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  October 5, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is the journal. our headlines. the supreme leader of iran praises the attempt to open dialogue with the west. search to hamper the recover more bodies from the shipwrecked margaret don't -- migrant boat. is on pole position for the korean grand prix. us.k you for joining
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imran's supreme leader has given his first public response to the effort to open dialogue with the west could he praised the effort to restart dialogue. he also expressed criticism about some aspects of his recent visit to the u.n. in new york. anhani's trip was cap with historic elephant conversation with president obama. this is the first direct contact between the leaders of iran and the u.s. since 1979. ,t was a rare public appearance speaking at a military graduation ceremony, he expressed support for the attempts to open a dialogue with the west. the new iranian president told the un security council he hoped for a solution to the disagreement over iran's nuclear program. but the supreme leader made it clear there were limits.
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>> we support what the government is doing, whether on the recent trip or otherwise. we do support the government's diplomatic efforts. happened during the trip to new york was not appropriate, in my opinion. >> he did not elaborate, but the criticism may be directed at rouhani's telephone conference with president obama. the conversation was widely criticized by hardliners in iran. he echoed that criticism of washington in his speech to the graduates. >> we are skeptical of americans and we have no trust in them. the american government is untrustworthy, arrogant, illogical, and it breaks promises. >> he remains the most powerful figure in iran. he is the country's top military commander.
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he sets the military agenda. the nuclear program is under his control. could benefitria from the budget standoff in washington. shutdown isnt hampering the ability of the treasury department to enforce sanctions on both countries because federal employees have been sent home. president obama called on the republicans to pass a funding bill with no strings attached. in his weekly radio address, he said the opposition should stop the shutdown them. republicans still want to block the president's health care reform. have reportedly carried out a raid in southern somalia in an operation targeting al-shabaab. islamist militia says the attack took place early saturday. turkish andaid british forces took part in the operation. london has denied their forces were involved.
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al-shabaab took responsibility for the attack on the niner ruby -- nairobi shopping center. kenyan police have released images of the men involved in the massacre in the westgate mall together with their names. their bodies were found in the wrecked mall after police ended the siege. the announcement corrects reports made at a time of the attack which said up to 15 attackers were involved and that they included americans and a british woman. egypt and officials say anyone protesting against the army on sunday will be regarded as foreign agents. that warning comes after heavy clashes in cairo and other cities that have claimed at least watch her lives. -- for lives. muslim brotherhood protesters agreed to retake to rear square in cairo. they have called for a weekend of protests in an attempt to disrupt the military celebration
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of the attack on israeli forces in 1973. e.u. member nations are being called on to rethink their policies towards asylum thinkers after a ship will of refugees capsized off the italian island on thursday. over 100 bodies have been recovered. officials fear the final death toll will be around 300. a meeting onng border management in the aftermath of the tragedy. they are heading out to commemorate the victims and pick up the wreckage of the ship. more than 200 people are still missing. efforts to search for survivors and recover the dead remain suspended because of choppy seas. some people are asking and everything possible was done to rescue the victims. this fisherman was one of the first to reach survivors. he says he pulled 47 people to
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safety. i had to stop saving people because the law says if i provide aid to these immigrants, i am helping them immigrate to italy. what an absurdity. the incident has raised questions about laws designed to make it more difficult for migrants to reach european shores. critics say the laws put the migrants at risk. the european commissioner for humanitarian aid called on the e.u. to open its borders and show solidarity with the less fortunate. the president of the italian parliament paid a visit to the refugee center on bloomberg is a -- where the survivors are being held. she said the disaster showed it was time for a change to europe's approach to immigration. >> coming up, soccer results. first a look at other headlines
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around the world. greenpeace supporters in hong kong have called for the release of turkish activists under arrest in russia. similar protests are scheduled around the world. the activists face piracy charges for attending to board a russian drilling platform in the arctic. weapons experts are continuing the efforts to identify chemical weapons sites in syria. the syrian government has turned of additional records documenting its arsenal, but it still remains unclear how large how largehouse are -- the stockpiles are. advanced solar power cars are getting ready for one of the world's longest races. the solar challenge kicks off tomorrow and will bring together 42 teams to complete a 3000 kilometer race. germany, chancellor angela merkel is continuing her bid to find a coalition partner.
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after three hours of talks with the social democrats on friday, that search may be reaching a conclusion. both sides said talks were resident. the main sticking point of taxation policy is apparently no longer an obstacle to agreement. >> despite their initial reluctance about a grand social democrat leader sounded an upbeat note on friday after exploratory talks on forming a government with angela merkel's party, they said grounds for consensus did exist between the two main parties. party leaders say further talks are needed to flesh out the basis for any agreement. like the warm-up before a football match with the kickoff still to come. it was a friendly and discussion --constructive discussion. >> there seems to have been some substance to the friday talks. in her weekly address, she echoed many of the spd demands.
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she mentioned debt reduction as a priority alongside investment in education and research if germany is to remain at the forefront of the global economy. it is only through innovation that germany can guarantee keeping up with the pace of economic development, especially at an international level. >> her conservatives have moved closer to the spd on the labor market. both sides are nearing each other on fiscal policy as the spd has dropped demands for major tax hikes. the doors to a grand coalition seen wide open. >> some sports news. it has all changed at the top of the league. he had the defender sent off as they went down. max opened the scoring from the penalty spot in the 82nd minute
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before doubling the host lead. first loss ofd's the season. bayern was in front the first half. they piled on the pressure. enoughe finished 1-1, for the bavarians to go clear by a single point. let's have a look at the results so far in the bundesliga. stood cart -- let's take a look at the highlights. the home team opening scoring in the 23rd minute. he failed to clear the corner and they were made to pay. things improved after halftime.
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the substitute secured a well- earned point. the final score was 1-1. in the remaining matches this weekend, nuremberg hosts hamburg. both of those matches are on sunday coming up. here is how those results affect the tables. only one point separates the top three teams. the new boys are off of the bottom. there are only two teams left without a win this season. both have a chance to change that tomorrow. onto formula one. sebastian will start from pole position on sunday. it is a familiar feeling considering it is his sixth time starting from the front of the grid this season. >> sebastian was the fastest man
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on the track in saturday qualifying. he secured pole position. the championship leader is not letting his guard down. >> the first level is good enough. i think they feel comfortable in the middle sector. it is a tight battle. finisheditish driver 2/10 of a second behind his mark. alonso could not keep pace. he will start the sunday race in fifth place. the race could still be a hot one to settle. rafael nadal will be named the world number one for the first time in over two years. he advanced to the final of the
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dycha open after tomas ber retired due to injury. in the final, he will face novak djokovic. he powered through his match with the frenchman in straight sets. he is now extending his winning streak in china all the way back to 2009. the serb has been world number one for the last 101 weeks. the best of been competing in the world cup off the coast of northern germany. it has three disciplines. winds led to the cancellation of the slalom. >> victory reduced him to tears. after years of missing out on the title, he's as been finally named the wind surfing world champion. his win came as a surprise. the venezuelan was the favorite,
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but he pulled off stunning moves to come out on top as defending champion. win knew i had the level to . today i said i have to do it. it went really well. >> he was inspired by the presence of one of the sport's all-time greats. robbie nash was among the spectators. >> i love coming back. i have a lot of memories here, a lot of friends. a lot of the history of the sport is there. >> poor conditions led to the cancellation of most of saturday's events. with his first windsurfing world cup title in the bag, he told us he can relax. >> the winter olympic games are underweight in just over four months time. the olympic torch is on its way to russia. it was handed over in a ceremony in athens. its journey to the black sea
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resort will be a long one as it is due to be taken into space for the first time ever. more news at the top of the hour. many syrian refugees come here seeking refuge from the british civil war in their own country -- bloody civil war in their own country. jordan has long been a destination for those escaping violence and other countries. palestinians and iraqis have flocked here. now it is mainly syrians coming here. an estimated 750,000 of them. hospitality is part of jordanian culture, but the refugees are a
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topic of discussion. >> we must take them. where else can they go? every country has good people and bad. they are welcome here. some are nice and some are not. >> the refugees have caused all sorts of problems from traffic to housing. everything is more expensive. >> ♪ we want to find out what challenges are facing serious refugees and their jordanian hosts. there are strong cultural and economic ties between the countries great many syrians have immigrated to jordan in the past. they have invested in the economy and started their own businesses. refugee canrian count on help from relatives who live in jordan.
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finding a job is not easy and work permits are hard to come by. corridor, werial have heard many syrians were care. -- work here. the owner of this workshop is willing to talk to us. he knows the problems the syrian workers have in the effect they have on the job market --and the effect they have on the job market. >> jordanian law forbids syrians from working unless they have a permit. even so, some businesses have let jordanians go and hired syrians. they are willing to work for less money. they are desperate and they need the work. that has an influence on the market. employs syrian workers, and not just because they are cheaper. there is a big difference, he
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says. syrians like to work. jordanians are often not hard workers, but syrians are different. they are efficient and reliable. this young syrian worked as a mechanic before coming to jordan. here even though he does not have a work permit. not everyone would allow it, he says. but my boss took me on and i have a job, even though it is against the law. journey tog man's iman was not easy. thepent months living in refugee camp near the border. a relative had to pay for him to be released. he finally found work.
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it is the same story for many syrian refugees. coming to jordan means coming to the atari camp. we traveled there to meet some of them. around 100,000 people live here in the middle of the desert. for more than a year, this year run refugee camp has been the first stop for syrians who make it across the border. the middle of the cap is a bakery. he and his family fled here a year ago. they owned a bakery back in syria. >> when we arrived, there was nothing but pre-prepared food. there was no bread, nothing to buy.
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my brother said i should start baking again. we had to smuggle in the equipment and cooking gas. it was dangerous. we worked out of a tent when we started. we sold flatbread and falafel. now the market has developed and we run this bakery. the business is going well. the earnings are enough to support nine families. it is not easy. r andder to get flou other ingredients, he has to rely on jordanian suppliers and officials. his brother-in-law is frustrated with the situation. everyone wants bribes. the human people, the jordanian military, everyone. the whole family works in the bakery, even the children. they have not been going to
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school for two years. despite the difficulties, the family is proud to have carved out a niche. it is hard for him to contemplate the future. >> i have no idea. i do not really think about going back to syria. hard. there is no hope. the bakery is just one of many shops that have opened on the mainstreet of the refugee camp. it seems many here are not counting on going back to serious soon read but not everyone is happy to stay. many want to start new lives outside the camp. we travel a few kilometers to the border town. until year ago, the town had 70,000 residents. now there are 120,000.
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she and her family elong between large group of refugees who have chosen to seek security here. the family used to live in the refugee camp. she still misses her old home in homs. different.home was our kitchen was titled. our apartment had windows and doors. louvered blinds. it was nicer than this. she says there is still lots of cleaning to do. the apartment is simple but not cheap. rent has quadrupled in the last year. payfamily has to play -- the equivalent of 190 euros a year. apartments are scarce because of the crisis.
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the cost is a strain on her family, especially because her husband is not working. the family of six cannot of board to spend much on food. they get some from the united nations. they have managed to get mattresses and atv despite the practical problems, they are still coming to understand the war. >> before we left, airplanes came and bombed the mosque. they came and went. then they fired rockets. lots of people died. >> he tells us his grandfather was killed by a sniper. >as always, it is the children that suffer the most from the trauma of four. -- war. they get some relief by going to school.
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every afternoon, he and his siblings attend a school set up by the charity. many jordanian schools are teaching in the morning and afternoon to accommodate the syrian children. the children have to get used to having regular lessons again, the teachers say. lots of them have missed months of school because of the conflict. this teacher tells us the children were loud and unruly when they first arrived. they were scared and traumatized, she says. now they like the school. when we finish in the evening, they do not want to stop learning. how long these refugees will have to endure their exile in jordan. many have decided to build new lives here.
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we set off back to amman. activistith a syrian who helped found a women's initiative called syrian kitchen. the members meet discreetly in an out-of-the-way house. they are careful not to attract too much attention because many still have family in syria. in the kitchen, the women bake and cook syrian specialties. the refugees would like to set up a catering service for jordanian clients. they say they are ready to start new lives. they should feel as though they are members of society. they do not want to just wait for help to be given to them.
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the syrian kitchen project helps the women. they realize the work they do is worthwhile. we have had a great response, especially from our customers. >> the project is still in the early stages. the women already have a few jordanian customers. they rely on word-of-mouth. everyone here is worried about the future and their families back in syria. that is another reason they do not want their faces shown. >> my relatives are spread all over. in egypt, turkey, lebanon, and here. my family is torn apart. it is unbelievable bashar al- assad is still in power. after the bloodbath, after all of the deaths, how can he live with himself? how can he still be ruling syria?
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>> despite the difficulties faced by the refugees, life goes on. how long they will be away from their homeland is impossible to tell. until they can return, many
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